The Sleep Quest: Teach Your Kids How to Sleep Better!

Join Kim West, LCSW-C, the Sleep Lady®, for our Sleep Quest, and teach any child 6 months to 15 years-old to sleep peacefully.

The Quest is now closed for new registrations. Based on an amazing amount of feedback, we are creating some new exciting offerings to help your family get a great night's sleep. Thank you for your interest! Email with any questions!

Are you Tired of being Tired?

You asked. We answered.

The Gozen! team has been inundated with requests for help with sleep struggles with 6 months -15 year olds.

"My child wakes multiple times a night."

"My kids come into our bed in the middle of the night. I can't sleep!"

"I'm just so tired it's affecting my relationship."

"I dread bedtime because it takes hours and then my child wakes up several times a night, anyway!"

"I really struggle to get my child up in the morning to get to school."

"I'm losing my temper with my child at bedtime."

"I'm really starting to resent my own child!"

"I'm just so exhausted; I can't function."

"I can't see a way out. I've tried everything."


We listened. We researched.

And we have some amazing news for you...

We found the best, most compassionate sleep expert out there.


Known as The Sleep Lady®, Kim West, LCSW-C, has helped tens of thousands of tired parents all over the world gently teach their child how to go to sleep and go back to sleep without letting them cry it out alone.

She's written three "sleep bible" books including The Sleep Lady's Good Night, Sleep Tight which hundreds of thousands of parents swear by. Widely accepted as being the Number 1 authority on sleep in the world, she's been the Sleep Expert on Dr. Phil, Today Show, NBC Nightly News, Good Morning America, TLC’s Bringing Home Baby and CNN, and has been written about in a number of publications including The Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Baby Talk, Parenting, The Baltimore Sun, USA Today, The Telegraph, The Irish Independent and the Washington Post. 

"I encourage parents to be loving and responsive but to allow the child the room to learn this vital life skill of putting themselves to sleep. If you’re tired of being up all night, and you’re ready for a change, join the Sleep Quest!"

- Kim West

Kim, thank you for saving our family. You helped my husband and I get 3 children back on track when we were about to lose our minds.

- Elizabeth


What's a Quest?

A quest is an online course that takes your through a journey of transformation. During the sleep quest, we are going to figure out the cause of your child's (and family's) sleepless nights, disrupted sleep, and overall sleep challenges. Kim will review with you how to create a specific sleep plan based on your family's needs and teach you how to successfully implement that plan so your entire family can get a good night's sleep. 

What do you get with the Sleep Quest?

Exclusive Access to Video Modules:

  • 1 Why your Child has Trouble Going to Sleep and Staying Asleep
  • 2 10 Steps to Take Before Starting Sleep Coaching
  • 3 How to Create and Successfully Implement Your Personalized Sleep Plan
  • 4 No One's the Same - Special Situations
  • 5 What To Do When You Feel Stuck


Bonus #1:


Interview with Dr. Kass, a pediatric pulmonologist who is board-certified in sleep medicine

Bonus #2:


Good Night, Sleep Tight digital workbook including essential to do lists, sleep plans, tear out sleep logs, and more.

Bonus #3:


Exclusive GoZen! bonus module on helping an anxious child sleep through the night created by Renee Jain, Founder, GoZen!


The only GoZen! endorsed Sleep Quest

I've suffered from my own sleep struggles. I've been awake at 4am, one child's face on my pillow and another child's foot in my face, wondering if I'd ever get more than 3 hours of unbroken sleep again. I've felt alone and desperate. If I'd known about Kim's methods then, it could have saved my family and I so much grief and suffering.

Sleep struggles are serious. They can break the strongest of us. I'm so happy that we're able to share a solution with you which is evidence-based and really works. 

To peaceful sleeping!

Renee Jain
Founder, GoZen!